Common Light Bulb Questions

A lot of confusion surrounds light bulbs today, and we thought we’d take a minute to help answer some of our most frequently asked light bulb questions:

Why were incandescent bulbs eliminated anyway?

About seven years ago (in 2007), a law (the Energy Independence and Security Act) was passed to improve energy efficient requirements form many consumer items, most commonly used – lightbulbs. Incandescent bulbs weren’t eliminated with this law, but it did require lightbulbs to consume much less energy than they previously did. This introduced many different types of light bulbs with much less energy output levels and a much longer lifespan.

Why was it so important to change the energy laws?

Everyone in the United States uses artificial light daily.  The average home has around fifty light bulbs in it. We’ve become so used to it, that we barely even notice it anymore. Lightbulbs make a very real impact on home energy usage.

Incandescent bulbs seem much more inexpensive when compared to the newer efficient bulbs, but they burnt out much quicker and had a significant environmental impact and replacement cost. Halogen incandescents, CFL and LED light bulbs last much longer and consume less energy. The original purchase of the bulb may seem costly, but over time they actually can save you money. Energy  usage reductions are calculated at about 90% on average!

I want to replace my traditional incandescent bulbs… what should i buy?

You have many options – halogen incandescent, CFL or LED bulbs.  If you cant’ remember watts, go for lumens, which is a measure of the light given off by the bulb. Here’s a handy rule you can use:

40 watts = 450 lumens
60 watts = 800 lumens
75 watts = 1,100 lumens

If you have questions about light bulbs, give us a call! Our expert lighting staff is ready to help you make the switch to an energy saving life!

Harold’s History

Harold’s Lighting has been serving the Seattle area for a long time. Our history in the area runs deep, and providing excellent customer service to our customers in the Pacific Northwest is our priority. We enjoy working with the community and giving back.

Check out our about us page on our website for a full history about how Harold’s lighting was established in Seattle. We even have photos of our staff and family throughout the growth of the company.  Our traditions have been passed down from our founders and we continue to create and provide unique and quality lighting options for our customers everywhere.