Custom Shades

Custom Shades for Kassana Holden
Custom Shades for Kassana Holden
Custom Shades and Fixtures at Harold's Lighting
Custom Drum Pendant

Custom shades for your lamps or pendants can help give your home or office the personal touch it needs to make the place feel special.  Being able to choose the fabric or material for the light fixture can pull the decor in the room together. Harold’s Lighting stores in Bellevue and Seattle can help you find the right fabric for your shades and bring life to your room or space.

Our custom shade departments are ready to help you build a light fixture that is truly one of a kind.  Our shade department is one of the largest in the state and we use the best techniques in the business to create works of art. We have a ton of in-stock materials to choose from, but you’re also welcome to bring material of your own. We can make shades out of just about anything, if you like it, bring it in and we’ll give it a try!

Custom Large Shades for Mars Hill
Large Custom Shades for Church in Everett

We specialize in making custom light fixtures at a great price.  Whether you need a lamp shade for your bedroom or in need of a large commercial order, we’ll create quality work at an affordable price. We’ve created custom lamp shades for hotels, yachts, department stores and large office buildings in addition to our residential clients. Interior designers love us because we’re able to customize lighting choices for their clients needs.

We’ve worked with artists, designers and homeowners for many years. We’ve hundreds of shades in stock and can help you create the right shade for your project. Bring your lamp base or photos in today and we’ll help you create the right shade for your space.

Sloped Ceiling Lighting

Having a sloped ceiling in your home can add to the architecture of your home and look really nice. It can, however, present a few interior design challenges. Selecting the right lighting fixtures for your sloped ceiling can be challenging, but if done right can look amazing and be very effective.

When you look for the right fixture for your ceiling, you need to make sure the fixtures you’re looking at will not be affected when hung at an angle. There are many styles of lighting fixtures that will work on a sloped roof, and each can set a different mood for the room.

vintage4Chandeliers are often a great option for sloped ceilings. Sloped ceilings are many times in an entryway, so a chandelier is an obvious choice. It is a great option for uneven ceilings because it hangs from the ceiling and the angle at the point of contact doesn’t interfere with the light.  They can come in tons of styles, sizes and colors to complete the “look” with any existing decor.

pendantPendants are similar to chandeliers, as they also dangle from the ceiling. Pendants can be very versatile and more than one can be used in a small space. Pendants can be used for task or ambient lighting, making them very versatile.

Track Lighting is also a great option for sloped ceilings. The light is a “track” of light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. The lights on the track can be moved around to point in different directions. This type of lighting is usually used for task lighting (highlighting a particular area or object), but can also be used for ambient lighting.

If you have a sloped roof, you have many lighting options.  It may take a little more planning, but when you get it right it can really make a difference in a room.

Harold’s Lighting store in Seattle and Bellevue, WA has everything you need for lighting your home and office. Call or stop on by today with any questions or ideas!

Kassana Holden of Bergamot Studios

Harold’s Lighting specializes in custom light fixtures. We are able to take just about any fabric and make it into a beautiful shade. We have been fortunate enough to work with Kassana Holden of Bergamot Studios.  Her work as a textile designer is truly inspirational. We have helped her manufacture some beautiful shades, check some of them out below:

bergamot2 bergamot4 bergamot3 bergamot5 bergamot1


Cloth Paper Scissors Studios did a great interview with Kassana last summer, you can read the article here.

If you have an idea for a custom light fixture give us a call! We have showrooms in Bellevue and Seattle, WA with extensive selections of shades and fixtures as well as workshops dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind custom pieces.

Lighting in Your Home

Shop Online or Stop By our StoresThe environment of your home change drastically depending on the lighting. Lighting, if used properly, can help you perform tasks and see better, provide safety and a even establish a sense of comfort. Lighting can be versatile and when layered can help you change the mood of your environment at a moment’s notice.

Using dimmers and different lighting sources can help you change up your room’s lighting depending on the occasion or your mood. In the Seattle area, having different lighting options to suit your mood is very important. Depending on the available natural light (windows) in your room, the room can either be very dark or light, depending on the ever changing Seattle / Pacific Northwest weather. You’ll want your home’s lighting options to be able to properly illuminate your areas depending on the time of day and existing natural light levels.

Huge Inventory of Light Fixtures and Shades in Seattle!
Huge Inventory of Light Fixtures and Shades in Seattle!

Harold’s Lighting in Bellevue and Seattle can help you create the right lighting atmosphere in your home. We have an extensive inventory of all different types of light fixtures in our stores and we can even custom make light fixtures to compliment the rest of your home’s decor.

If you have any questions about how you should structure the lighting in your home or office give us a call or stop on by. Our expert lighting staff in Bellevue and Seattle can help you find the right balance for your home and your budget.

Inviting Lighting

The right lighting can make your home look more inviting and draw people near. Exterior home lighting can help highlight your home’s architecture, provide a safe pathway for people to walk on as well as set the mood of your home.

exteriorlanternThe color temperature and light level of your exterior home lighting should be set to help guests and passersby feel welcome. Any directional light fixtures (such as floodlights) should be angled in a way that wouldn’t distract or glare directly into someone’s eyes. Pathways should be lit up along the way so that people will know where they can walk, and it’s important to have adequate illumination in entry ways and in areas were people might gather.

If you have a particularly unique home, or a focal point on your property (nice tree or landscaping), lights can help feature that area and distinguish your home from the rest. Landscape lighting can help spread the light out across your property and soften any lighting around your home.

Harold’s Lighting in Seattle and Bellevue has expert lighting staff ready to help you make your home look and feel as inviting as possible. Come on in today to see our amazing selection of exterior lighting, or check out our online store today!