Vanity Lights – What are they?

vanity1Vanity lights are a bathroom’s best friend.  Also known as vanity bars, these light fixtures are designed to bring the focal point of the bathroom to the mirror and shed bright light so that grooming tasks can be done. Vanity lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and finishes and can even be custom made to go with the existing interior of your bathroom. When designing a bathroom, it’s important to consider your lighting options for the area round the sink, mirror and countertop to make sure you’ll be able to maximize the productivity of this space while still looking aesthetically pleasing.

Most vanity light fixtures are made out of a mix of materials, the most common being ceramic, metal and glass. Each type of vanity light fixture has it’s pros and cons, and choosing the right one really depends on the rest of the room’s style and decor, and how much light you’ll need them to produce.

The most common type of vanity light fixture is a long strip of round bulbs, but there are many different styles to choose from if you want your bathroom to be unique. Contemporary vanity lights typically are chrome finished and modern. Many traditional vanity fixtures are ornate and fluted and are more Victorian feeling and made out of brushed nickel or other metals.

vanity2Getting the size of your vanity light fixture right is important to keep your bathroom looking nice and balanced. Depending on how large the area for your vanity space is, you should keep your light fixture size in proportion.  For example, if you’re bathroom sink and mirror are small, a 2 bulb fixture may do the job, but if you’ve got a dual vanity you may need a longer, larger fixture or you could even split it up and use two separate fixtures. If you have trouble deciding which lights would fit best in your bathroom it’s always wise to consult an expert lighting design specialist.

The lighting in your bathroom can make a huge difference in the overall feel.  Not only will it make the room look nicer and more inviting, it can help increase productivity and get you on your way quicker.

Check out our vanity lighting fixtures online here or stop by our Seattle or Bellevue Harold’s Lighting showrooms for endless bathroom lighting possibilities!

Lighting For Each Room In Your Home

penant4When thinking about your lighting options for your home, you should always try and mix different light sources at different levels to create a good balance and flatter the features of the room. We’ve broken down a few tips for each room in the home to help you achieve lighting greatness.

Living Room
Use a combination of light sources when planning out the lighting for this room.  Use table lamps and floor lamps that alternate shining light downwards and upwards as well as a source from the ceiling if possible (recessed cans, a pendant or chandelier). Light up 3 corners of this room, and have one of the sources focusing on an object (a painting, plant or cool living room chair).

Dining Room
The table should be the focus of this room, so make this the brightest area. Using a chandelier or pendant will help draw people in with an inviting feeling.  Everywhere else in this room should have indirect lighting sources, if necessary, to create a soft glow.

Start planning the lighting in your kitchen with overhead light sources. This whole room should be able to be fully illuminated so that you can see what you are doing.  Recessed lighting cans are a great option. After the ceiling lights are figured out, plan out your task lighting around areas where activities (cooking, cutting, washing, etc.) will be done.  Under cabinet lights are a great option and can be turned off when not in use, as well as pendants over a kitchen bar or even track lighting can be suitable.

Bedroom lighting should give off a comfortable, inviting and warm feeling. Again, it’s best to layer your lighting sources. Place table lamps on bed side tables for reading and task lighting, or sconces that can be turned on and off at the source on either side of the bed.

The bathroom is the king for task lighting.  So many “tasks” are done in this room that need adequate lighting.  Personal grooming requires a bright light source around the mirror and vanity area, and sconces, and overhead bulbs are a popular source.

chandelier5A good mix of light sources in every room is essential to a comfortable, inviting atmosphere in every home. Ask a lighting expert near you today about what would work in your home.

Selecting the Best Lighting For Your Home

Harold's LightingMost homeowner’s overlook the impact good lighting can have on their home’s overall atmosphere and feeling. You typically don’t notice lighting in a room if it’s well done, but when it’s not done well, it can pull the eye in a negative way. Lighting is first and foremost designed just to help you see the tasks you’re trying to perform, but it can also add to the ambience, aesthetics and decor to your home in a very positive way.

The first thing you should do when trying to plan out your lighting options for your home is to determine what your lighting goals are. What activities will take place in each room? Achieving a balance between the different lighting styles is important in each and every room.  It’s a good idea to use multiple light sources for one space to create the right balance and to appease the mind.

Use direct and task lighting in areas where there are tasks and work to be done, and ambient lighting for a general overall illumination in an room. Once you know where you need the different types of lighting, you’ll be able to start choosing fixtures.

pendant2Keep in mind which room you are working with when you choose your fixtures. If your room has high ceilings, or modern decor, consider using recessed light fixtures. These recessed lights are inset to the ceiling to provide a flush and clean look that can help illuminate an entire room without distracting or pulling the eye.  If the room is a nursery, don’t forget about night lighting. You could install a dimmer on a pendant or wall sconce that will help you see when you’re rocking your baby to sleep or keeping monsters away.  If you’re looking for lighting for your pendantdining room, choose a chandelier that go with the surrounding decor and will last years without being dated. Also, choose one that isn’t too big for the space and will allow enough clearance from the table below when hung.

Planning out where and what type of lighting is needed in each room is very important to achieving optimal light levels.  If in doubt, consult an expert.  Expert lighting specialists know what will work and what will draw the eye in a negative way. Call the Harold’s Lighting store near you today for advice or come in to check out our amazing lighting options!



Billiard Table Lights

poolBilliard table light fixtures (also called pool table light fixtures) are installed above pool tables to shed light on the game below as well as creating a warm atmosphere throughout the room.  Pool table light fixtures come in many different styles, shapes and sizes, and can add a touch of class to a room as well as illuminating the table below for endless billiard fun.

Billiard table lights are designed mostly to keep your pool table illuminated and bright enough for no shadows to be created.  Pool players need a clear line of sight while playing the game, and proper illumination is required for precision.  It’s also important that the light isn’t too blinding and that it doesn’t cause a glare while a player is focusing on making a shot.

lightTiffany style light fixtures are a very common choice for pool table lighting, as they provide enough warm light and a classic look to the room. Most billiard table light fixtures come with multiple shades in a line to create an even distribution of light.  They typically range from 3-5 shades that can come in a variety of finishes and colors.  Custom pool table lights can be made as well to go with the remainder of the room.

pool2Installing pool table lights correctly is very important.  Pay special attention to the height of the table as well as how low the lights will be hanging.  You want the lights to be out of the way of play but close enough to get rid of any shadows.  Typically, expert lighting installers will leave around 31-33 inches from of the top of your pool table to the bottom of the lowest lamp shade.  Using an expert to install these light fixtures is highly recommended as the height at which they are placed is very important.

If you’re looking for a billiard table light fixture for your home, office or pool hall, Harold’s Lighting in Seattle and Bellevue has many options to choose from as well as the capability to custom make the fixtures in house.  Call or stop by today to speak with an expert lighting specialist.