Custom Light Fixtures – A Work of Art!

Light fixtures can be made out of just about anything. A custom piece can really bring a unique feature to a room or space, or it can help preserve a piece of the past or a family heirloom.  Custom light fixtures are oftentimes one of the homeowner’s most special items of decor in their homes because they can have special meaning. We have made custom fixtures out of just about anything, but our most common items are family heirlooms such as urns and vases.

One of our friends is an amazing artist and specializes in garden art. Pictured below is one of her beautiful creations.  She bought a pot rack at an antique store and then had us wire it up.  She then made all the custom glass art that is mounted gorgeously around the fixture and hung it in her gazebo. At night, when the fixture is all lit up it is truly an amazing sight to see!

Pot Rack Light Fixture
Beautiful Outdoor Custom Made Light Fixture

Our staff at our Seattle and Bellevue stores can help you create a beautiful custom fixture with an item you cherish. We’ll work with you to find and install the right wiring and mountings to compliment the style of the fixture as well as the rest of your room.  Stop on by or call us today to learn more about what you can do to create a custom piece of art in your home!

Using Mirrors to Balance Light in a Room

Mirrors and LightLight plays a major role in any size room.  A lot times it’s hard to balance out the light distribution in a room because there aren’t enough sources or locations to install light fixtures.  This is where mirrors can come in.  Mirrors not only provide a great decorating touch to a room, they can actually distribute light around a room and make it feel more open.

Mirrors at Harolds LightingMirrors can help make a room feel brighter and larger if they are placed in the right place. Make sure you don’t place a mirror directly in front of a light fixture or it can cause a blinding effect. Place the mirror near the source but not where a glare is present from the bulb. Another great idea is to hang a mirror near a natural source of light, or across from it.  If placed correctly it can create the illusion of another window in a room and open up the space greatly.

The size of the mirror should correlate to the rest of the room.  A larger mirror will reflect more light and open up a space, but if it is placed in a really small room, or in a crowded space, it can overwhelm the area. A small mirror can be placed with others in a group to create a beautiful art piece and give off enough light to brighten up the room.

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be frameless or have large ornate frames.  When choosing one for your space, consider the rest of the room and make sure it complements the rest of the features in the room. Many lighting stores as well as home decorating stores have many options to choose from and it’s a good idea to take the measurements back home with you before you make your purchase.

Our expert lighting staff at Harold’s Lighting in Seattle and Bellevue have many tricks up their sleeves. We can help you choose decor and mirrors that will work with your home or office.

Track Lighting Basics

Track LightingThere are many benefits to having track lighting installed in your home.  Track lighting can look amazing as well as provide ample illumination to certain areas of your room or space.  Track lighting gives you control over where light is distributed because most fixtures are adjustable and flexible.

Track lighting comes in many different sizes, shapes and styles.  There are fixtures to match an decor in any room.  Some track lighting sets even come with interchangeable parts and lights that can be switched up easily to create a different mood.  Customization is one of the biggest advantages to having track lighting.

Track lighting is often used to spotlight certain features or areas of a room.  The lights can be set at different angles to meet your lighting needs. The different angles can help you feature a new painting or add more light in a certain area in a kitchen or garage.  Track lighting can be mounted in various places, on the ceiling, ceiling beams or even walls.

Track lighting can look beautiful and be really add functionality to a room or space.  Ask an expert today to help you pick out the right track lighting fixture for your home or office today!

Benefits of a Ceiling Fan

ceilingfanCeiling fans with lights can be a huge lifesaver in these hot summer months as well as provide multiple benefits year round.  They can provide cooling, aid with air circulation, and provide ambient lighting while looking great with the rest of your room or space.

Ceiling fans can be used in almost any room in the home.  The most common spaces for ceiling fans with lights are in the bedroom, living room, family room and kitchens.  They come in many different styles and sizes and can completely fit in with the decor in any space.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans:

  • Cooling. This one is the most obvious.  A ceiling fan can be a lifesaver on hot summer nights in a bedroom when you’re trying to sleep.  They are quiet and gently circulate the air around them creating a calming cool breeze, which can reduce or eliminate the need for air conditioning.
  • Heating Aid. When most people think of ceiling fans with lights they do not think of heating.  These fans can help circulate the hot air at the top of the room and distribute it evenly in open spaces. These fixtures are great for saving money on your heating bill because it makes your system more efficient.
  • Illumination. Ceiling fans can also be a great light source for a room or space.  Most ceiling fans come with lights that can be customized for any room.  They can be turned on by a switch or manually and provide ambient lighting to set the mood and provide a great source of a light layer.

Choosing the right ceiling fan with a light can be challenging because there are so many different styles and sizes to choose from.  Typically only one fan is needed per room, but that depends on how large the space is.  The size of the fan should correlate with the size of the room and the ability of the fan to cool and heat the room efficiently.

Ask a lighting specialist today about what type of ceiling fan would work well in your room or space.