About Pendants

Hanging lights (also known as pendants) can be a designers tool to create a mood in any space.  Pendants come in so many different styles and sizes and can help you express your sense of style.

Pendants: In the lighting world, a pendant is a lighting fixture that is mounted typically with a chain, stem or cable that hangs from the ceiling into a space.

A chandelier is technically a type of pendant, but it is usually placed in a category all its own.  The term “pendant” is typically used when describing one of these types of lighting fixtures:

  • Bowl Pendants: Bowl pendants are great for lage spaces because they can provide a great deal of soft overall lighting to a large area.  They are called bowl pendants because of their shape – they look like a bowl with an open top.
  • Bell Pendants: Bell pendants are a great option for entryways and foryers. They are shaped like a bell (hence the name) and come in many different styles and shapes.  Bell pendants give the room a classic and traditional feel.
  • Drum Pendants: Drum pendants are an easy and affordable way to add light and depth to any room. They can be large or small and the drum can be covered with just about any fabric.  These pendants look like a lamp shade hanging from the ceiling and are shaped like a drum with a flat top and bottom and circular sides (cylinder).
  • Mini Pendants: Mini pendants come in all shapes but are typically small in size.  These lights are great in restaurants, cafes, over the kitchen bar, island or over pool tables.  They provide light while adding accent areas of focus to a room.
Mini Pendant Light
Beautiful Glass Blown Mini Penant in our Showroom
Mini Pendant Lights
Cluster of Mini Pendants in our Showroom
Drum Pendant
Drum Pendant







As you can see, the term “pendant” can cover a variety of different types of lighting fixtures.  They can be made from lamp shades and fabric or even blown glass.  Pendant lights can be used indoors and out and can really add interest and depth to a room or space.

About Table Lamps

Table lamps are a designer’s staple because they can be used for so many different things.  They are used for task lighting, general lighting and even accent lighting and can be moved around the room easily to create a different look just about anywhere.  Lamp bases and shades come in thousands of different shapes, sizes, colors and varieties.

Tiffany Lamps
Tiffany Lamps are easily distinguished by their ornate “stained glass” shades.  They are elegant and classic, and can cast a variety of different colors around the room.  No two Tiffany Lamps are created the same and they are hand made down to every last detail.

Wooden Lamps
A modern favorite, wood lamps, are becoming more popular in lighting stores across the US recently.  Lamp bases made out of blocks of wood give the room a natural and soothing look.  The wood can be carved into different patterns or shapes or just left in it’s natural wood state.  These lamps go well with rustic or modern styled rooms and can be paired with a variety of lamp shades.

Iron Lamps
Lamp bases made from wrought iron can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are very popular with contemporary designed homes.  The iron bars that make up the bases can be bent into any design and provide a customized look to a room or space.  Neutral lamp shades in many sizes go well with this style of lamp base.

Lamp bases can be made out of just about any material, resin, porcelain, iron, and much more.  We can even custom make a lamp base for you out of a decorative vase or urn.  Lamp shades are just as easily customizable and come in different fabric choices and shapes.

Lighting Tips The Pros Use

Harold's Pendants
Hundreds of Pendants to Choose from

Even if your home is expertly decorated by an interior designer, if you’ve got bad lighting, it can make the space look inexpensive and uncomfortable.  If you’re a renter or just don’t want to deal with the hassel of re-wiring your house for new lighting, there are still things you can do to “lighten” up the place!

Use a variety of lighting sources.  Create depth and interest by using lighting sources that vary in height and are in different locations around the room.  Highlight your favorite objects in your room  by placing a light source next to it.

Use different brightness levels around the room or space so that you don’t get “lighting fatigue”  (when a room is at a consistent light level throughout, with no shadows or interes), the same feeling you’d get in an office building or laboratory.

Utilize the space underneath countertops with undercabinet lighting.  It alleviates the need to have a large middle-of-the-kitchen pendant while providing a balanced atmosphere and allows you to see what you’re doing while cooking and cleaning.  Undercabinet lights are fairly cheap to install and can make the world a difference.

Our cheapest and easiest tip for creating a good lighting atmosphere for your home is to change all of your light switches to dimmers.  This way you can adjust your lighting according to the event or mood, and you’ll be able to layer light fixtures in many different ways with this affordable and easy to install option.

So if you’re not in the market to hire a lighting designer, consider the tips above.  As always, our expert lighting staff in Bellevue and Seattle, WA can help you find the pendant, chandelier, undercabinet lighting, lamps and task lights that will work with your home or space.

Party Lighting!

Summer’s just right around the corner, and you know what that means – Parties!!  More entertaining is done in the summer than other times during the year.  So if you’ve got a party at your home coming up – don’t forget about the lighting!  Most people focus on the food, music, and decorations, but they forget that good lighting can be essential to set the mood and provide the perfect ambience for a get-together.

Good lighting can bring people closer together and create a more comfortable atmosphere.  It can even make a small room look bigger. Keep these tips in mind when thinking about party preparations:

  • Keep the Lighting Low and Soft: Use 40 watt bulbs or lower in your fixtures around the rooms that guests will be congregating in.  Replace the bulbs you currently have to create the “mood”. If you have a dimmer, set it at a lower level than you normally would.
  • Layer Lighting Sources: Use indirect lighting to layer different sources. Lighter lamp shades (opaque) help redirect harsh light out of guest’s eyes.
  • Create a Focal Point: If you have a special piece of art or architecture show it off! If you don’t you can use uplights behind different things like plants or furniture to create drama in a room.  These uplights can cast cool shadows against the wall or ceiling.

These are just a few tips for lighting at parties.  Ask one of our expert lighting staff at our Seattle or Bellevue stores today for more tips or ideas!