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Good lighting is essential to every room, we think every designer can agree on that.  Great lighting can make a huge difference visually anywhere.  There are, however, some small places that often go unlit.  These small places need light just as much if not more than the larger areas of them home, but often times go over looked.

Here are some small areas we’ve found that need to be illuminated that many homeowner’s forget about:


Closests, no matter how tiny or crammed with stuff, need to be properly illuminated.  This is especially true for closets that get used frequently (like in the bedroom).  How annoying is it when you can’t find the other shoe and your in a rush?  A good light source, wether they are wall sconces or just a regular old bulb on the ceiling can help reduce stress and help you organize and take inventory of your supplies and clothing.


Entryways are your chance to make a good first impression.  They are, of course, the first part of your home people will see, and it’s important to make sure it looks nice.  A nice warm light emitting fixture can set the mood of your home as well as providing enough light for you to find your keys and organize your belongings.


People are spending more and more times in their bathrooms than ever before.  Instead of using a bathroom as a place to accomplish tasks, more people are using the space as a place to relax and unwind.  Ideally, this space should be lit using multiple layers of light.  The lighting shouldn’t be too harsh, but enough to accomplish tasks and for grooming.

Update Your Space

Many people don’t realize that the easiest and many times most cost efficient ways to update a space is by installing new light fixtures.  A lot of homeowner’s think they’re stuck with what was there when they bought the home or that new light fixtures are too expensive or do not make that much of a difference on the overall style and mood of a room.  Well, we think they’re wrong!  A change up of a lighting source can make the world of difference in a room and can completely transform a space.

Many people do not change the lighting in their homes because: 1.They think new lighting is too expensive, and 2. They don’t know how to change the fixture or are worried they’d mess something up.  Well, we’re here to tell you that you can find affordable lighting fixtures to suit the style and lighting needs of your room AND that installing light fixtures shouldn’t be as intimidating as it seems.

Whether you need a pendant, chandelier, lamp, sconce or undercabinet lighting, you’ll have thousands of styles and brands to choose from.  Your best bet is to go to a qualified and trusted lighting store near you, and ask for help.  Expert lighting staff can help you pick out the right size, shape and style for your space, and can help explain how to install it.  Many places even have installers that can come to your home and help you put your new light fixture in.

A common mistake many people make when choosing new light fixtures is that they go to a regular department store or discounted manufacturer and just pick out something they think will work.  Unfortunately, many times this is where people run in to issues.  The instructions on the box can be confusing, and many times these mass made fixtures don’t complement the lighting needs of your space.

Picking out and installing a new lighting fixture in a home or office is something that everyone can do. If you need help, ask!  Bring photos of your current space and expert staff, like ours at Harold’s Lighting in Bellevue and Seattle, can help you reach your lighting goals.  New fixtures can brighten up a space and add character and style while still staying in a budget that is reasonable for your personal needs.

Bathroom Lighting Tips

Excellent Options for Bathroom Lighting at our Seattle Store

Bathroom design has changed a lot over the years. They are now being designed more as living spaces. More attention to detail and comfort is important as many people spend a lot of time in the bathroom to relax, refresh and recharge.

Proper lighting is extremely important for a functional and relaxing atmosphere in a bathroom.  The lighting should be a blend of style and function as a lot of tasks depend on proper lighting.  Many people choose flexible lighting solutions or a variety of options so that they can choose the amount of illumination needed for their mood or time of day.

Task lighting should be centered around areas where “tasks” are performed.  Typically this would be around the vanity area and mirrors in a bathroom.  This will help you be able to see everything while daily grooming and tasks are done.

Depending on the size of the room, ambient lighting should also be used to illuminate the rest of the space.  Many people also choose to have a separate light source for the shower or tub.  These light sources need to be wet/shower-location rated to be sure that the moisture doesn’t effect the light source.

As always, lighting should be layered.  Using a combination of task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting can help you achieve a good balance.

Directional Lighting

Directional lighting is a necessary technique many designers use for commercial and residential spaces. This type of lighting is used to highlight a particular area or space so that it can be read, viewed or spotlighted.  There are many different lighting fixtures that can help you achieve directional lighting and we’ve broken down the most popular:

Track Lighting

Track lighting is the most popular solution for lighting a specific area.  Track lighting can be very useful and easily changed or manipulated.  Track lights are a very popular solution for commercial businesses to use for illuminating signs or menus on their walls as well as a popular solution for homeowner’s shedding light on paintings or sculptures.

Directional Recessed Lights

Directional Recessed lights are a great solution for people not wanting their light fixture to stand out or draw the eye.  Recessed lights sink into the ceiling, blending in with the natural surrounding.  Directional Recessed lights can be pointed to shine light in more specific areas.

Picture Lights

Picture lights are specific fixtures made for illuminating pictures or paintings hung on a wall.  They come in many different shapes, sizes and finishes and are very popular among artists and designers.  Many of these fixtures are made with special bulbs so that they do not harm the painting or picture after extended use.  Picture lights are a great option to spotlight a family photo or special piece of art in your home or business.

As you can see, there are many ways you can use directional lighting.  Harold’s Lighting in Seattle and Bellevue, Washington, can help you find the directional lighting solution for your home or office today!

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