Custom Drum Pendant

Harold’s Lighting recently designed and installed this custom bronze organza and beige silk shade in a beautiful home in LaQuinta, California.  This beautiful home looks out over a lake located on the Arnold Palmer Course in PGA. We worked with the client to find the perfect custom color shade with the best fabric to complete the look of this great room.

Custom Bronze Organza and Beige Silk Shade Pendant
Custom Bronze Organza and Beige Silk Shade Pendant

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Vintage Chandeliers

Installing a vintage chandelier to a room or space can be a great way to add a touch of class and a lot of interest.  A chandelier is one of the ultimate symbols of elegance and grandeur and they can be installed in almost any room in your house.

When deciding on which chandelier to put in your home, the first thing you should consider is size. Consider how much space will the dangling light fixture take up and if there will be enough space for the piece to be admired.  The most common places for chandeliers are entryways and dining rooms, but recent trends has smaller decorative hanging lights in bedrooms, bathrooms and even kitchens.

Next you should consider how much light you want your vintage chandelier to give off.  Many times a chandelier isn’t used as the primary source of light.  It is typically recommended to use bulbs at 200 – 400 watts to get the right amount of light. A lot of homeowners install chandeliers with dimmers, this way they can control the mood of a room with just one switch.

Harold’s Lighting in Seattle and Bellevue has many vintage (and new) chandeliers to choose from, and our expert lighting staff is ready to help you choose the right fixture.

Custom Lamps

Finding or creating a custom lighting piece for your home or business can be a great way to add originality and uniqueness to a room or space. Both our Bellevue and Seattle Harold’s Lighting stores offer custom lighting solutions to customers every day.

Harold’s Custom Lamp Base Made With A Vase

One of our more popular custom lighting requests lately has been to take a beautiful vase (sometimes a family heirloom, or special vintage vase) and turn it into the base of a lamp.  Our experts carefully transform the vase or urn into a lamp by hooking it up with the proper electrical equipment and fastening it to a more stable base, if necessary.

After your vase or urn has been turned into a lamp base, the right shade will need to be picked to complement the new style.  Harold’s has one of the largest selections of lamp shades in stock, and can even custom make a shade for you.  A lamp shade can be made out of just about any fabric, and our expert staff can help you find a solution that will balance out your beautiful new lamp base.

Harold’s Lighting loves to help our customer’s dreams become a reality, and can help you create a totally custom look for your home or business.

Our Shades in Gray Magazine!

One of our customers, Brian Pacquette of BP Interiors, was recently featured in Gray Magazine. Gray Magazine described his style as “classic-meets-modern” as he mixes more traditional pieces with more modern shapes.  All of the lamp shades in the photos featured in the magazine are from our Harold’s Lighting store in Seattle!  We think he did a great job and really transformed the rooms into great spaces.

Check it out online here: (Issue #6, Page 19)

Harold's Lamp Shades in Gray Magazine!

Decorative Lighting

Photo Courtesy of:
Photo Courtesy of :

As the last installment of our Finding Your Lighting Solutions spotlight on our blog, Decorative Lighting is the step where you put your finishing touches to the overall lighting of a room or space.

Decorative Lighting gives you that chance to make a statement with a beautiful fixture or chandelier.

A Vintage Chandelier from our showroom in Seattle

Today there are so many different materials that lighting fixtures can be made out of and the sky is the limit on design.  The right decorative piece can add so much style to a room and give it a unique feel.  The whole overall feel of a room can be changed with one decorative piece.  A room can go from classic to modern just with one light fixture.


Decorative Lighting should always be used in combination with other lighting techniques.  Placement of decorative lighting is very important, and you must make sure there is enough room for it and that it is appropriate for the space.